Making, Accepting and Refusing Invitation

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Making and responding any invitation, formal invitation or informal invitation can be illustrated as follow using some keywords or useful expressions:

Making Invitations
Sample phrases (from formal to informal)

  • I would like to invite you to dinner next Sunday at my home.
  • I was wondering if you’d like to come to dinner on Wednesday evening.
  • Would you like/care to have dinner with us on Saturday?
  • What/How about dinner tonight?
  • Let’s go to our place for dinner.

Accepting Invitations
Sample phrases (from formal to informal)

  • Thanks for your invitation. I’d be delighted to.
  • Thank you. I’d love to.
  • Yes, thanks. That would be great/wonderful.
  • Sounds great/like fun.
  • OK/All right.

Refusing Invitations
Sample phrases (from formal to informal)

  • I’m awfully/terribly sorry. I have other plans for that night.
  • I’d really like to, but I have an appointment that day.
  • Thanks for asking, but I’m afraid I’m busy.
  • I can’t. I’ve got a lot of work to do.
  • Sorry. I’m already tied up.

Sample phrases (from formal to informal)

  • Thank you, but I’ll have to check my calendar. Do you mind if I tell you on Monday?
  • I’m not sure what my plans are. Could I get back to you tomorrow?
  • I might be busy. I’ll let you know later.