Making Apple Juice ” Example of Procedure Text”

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Procedure text is an instruction to do something completely. Procedure or instruction text can be a recipe, manual guide, technical instruction, making kite, etc. Remember, the steps in a procedure text are arranged in imperative sentences. Below is an example of procedure text on how to make delicious apple juice.

Making Apple Juice
Ingredients and Supplies
Large pot with lid
Colander or sieve
Filter- cheesecloth, jelly bag, or coffee filters
Canning jars
Jar grabber

The Steps to Make Apple Juice
First, Choose the sweet apples
Then, core the apples and cop them
After that, prepare the jar
Next, cook the apples. Turn the stove on high. Once the water is boiling well, turn down and continue to cook until the apples are soft.
Then, strain the apples. You can run it through a sieve or colander.
After that, Heat the juice on low until you’ve collected enough juice to fill the jars.
And finally, can the juice into canning jars.

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