Marsupial Mammal; Example of Descriptive Text

By Categories : Descriptive text brings you an example of descriptive text about animal. As we know a descriptive text in English can be a person, place, thing, and animal. Today we learn this type of text.
Descriptive text is a text which describes a person, thing, place and certain condition in particular. According to, the example of descriptive text can be the appearance of a person, detail of location or requirement for employment. Commonly a descriptive text uses the first and third person pronoun as point of view.
The following example of descriptive text is best in describing the appearance of a marsupial mammal. What a marsupial mammal looks like is the clearest example of descriptive text. This marsupial description is taken from Jenny Eather’s example of descriptive text.

Example of Descriptive Text – What am I?Example of descriptive text about animal

I inhabit a small area in south-western Western Australia. My species was quite widespread in Australia before European settlement but now we are endangered.
I prefer areas of open woodland. I forage for my food in the mornings and afternoons. At night I sleep in hollow logs or under fallen timber.
My body is about 25 centimeters long. My bushy tail is nearly as long as my body. I am covered in a reddish-brown coat with white stripes. My front legs are shorter then my back legs and I have small claws.
My ears are short but my snout is long I have a very long, sticky tongue for eating termites I can eat over 10000 termites in one day.
I am a marsupial mammal. What animal am I?

Well, so do you agree that  some short paragraphs  above can be categorized as descriptive text? How about report? Let’s me know your opinion.