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A short example of hortatory exposition text in English is what many students learn to read and write. What is actually a hortatory exposition? If you still remember English text type, you will try to recall an analytical exposition. Yes, hortatory is very close relating to analytical exposition. However they are different to each other in the end of the text paragraph. You can see clearly in the difference between hortatory and analytical exposition. Now let’s see the following sample!

Hortatory Exposition Text – Millions from Property Market

Letter as hortatory exposition

example of hortatory exposition with generic structure

Dear friend,
Are you tired of the daily grind? Sick of working all hours of the day for little reward? Tired of having enough money to really enjoy yourself? Well, now there is a way out.
We can show the way to give up work. Sit back and make millions for yourself and your loved ones on property market.
Albert Smith felt just like you until he read our leaflet. Now he drives a sport car around the South of France and his wife has one of her own too.

Generic Structure Analysis on Hortatory Exposition Text
1. Thesis: There is a way out of financial problem.
2. Argument: Albert Smith is the proof.
3. Recommendation: Join property market !

Language Feature Analysis on Hortatory Exposition Text
1. Using abstract noun; reward
2. Using action verb; give up, make, etc
3. Using thinking verb; felt
4. Using simple present tense; are you tired?, he drives a sport car, etc

That is a very short letter to learn hortatory exposition text. But if you read carefully, you will find out what and how hortatory text is. Hopefully it help you and keep learning English.