My Horrible Experience: Example of Recount Text

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FreeEnglishCourse.Info – Telling personal experiences is very interesting. It brings joy for the teller and some motivated stories for the readers. That is what we learn now an example of recount text in English with its generic structure analysis.Some recount texts are found in many functional text such as biography, events brochure, curriculum vitae, etc. Now let’s see the following short sample!

Example of Recount Text – My Horrible Experience

example of recount text on experiencing earthquake

Recounting horrible experience: flickr

Let me remind you my experience during an earthquake last week. When the earthquake happened, I was on my car. I was driving home from my vocation to Bali.
Suddenly my car lunched to one side, to the left. I thought I got flat tire. I did not know that it was an earthquake. I knew it was an earthquake when I saw some telephone and electricity poles falling down to the ground, like matchsticks.
Then I saw a lot of rocks tumbling across the road. I was trapped by the rock. Even I could not move my car at all. There were rocks everywhere. There was nothing I could do but left the car and walked along way to my house, in the town.
When I reached my town, I was so surprised that there was almost nothing left. The earthquake made a lot of damage to my town. Although nothing was left, I thanked God that nobody was seriously injured.Analyzing the Text

Generic Structure Analysis – Example of Recount Text
1. Orientation: Introducing the participant, using first person point of view, I was on the car last week.
2. Events: Describing a series of event which happened. The car lunched to one side. Telephone and electricity poles was falling down, etc.
3. Re-orientation: Stating the writer’s personal note. Thanking God because nobody was seriously injured.

Language Feature Analysis on the Example of Recount Text

  • Using personal participant; I
  • Using chronological connectives; then, and, suddenly
  • Using linking verb; was, were
  • Using action verb; moved, left, walked, made, etc
  • Using simple past tense pattern; earthquake happened, I was on the car, my car lunched on one side, etc

That’s all this example of recount text about personal experience which is very horrible. So be careful on your way and happy learning English