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Narrative Text love story – Reading a narrative text can be heart touching especially about love. Everyone must get experience of love. Happy and sad feeling involve together. The previous post is collection of narrative text in various topic. Now we come to love story. Reading narrative text about love is very joyful. We just read it but we can feel what the characters go on with the experience. We feel that the characters or participants struggle for their love. Fighting to find their love is presented in very romantic way.
example of narrative text about love story

Narrative Text of Love Story

Due to the complication as the major scenario determining the run of the story, love stories can be very good as example of narrative texts. Beside that, a love story has the great power to make the the readers involve their self in the very emotional story. The following list is the examples of love story which can be labelled as narrative text

Best Selected narrative text Love Story Examples

1. The Romantic and tragic story of Romeo and Juliet. Who never heard the story of Romeo and Juliet? I bet, no one. This love story firstly was popularized by William Shakespeare. The story displays Romeo and Juliet as the main characters however in general it portrays the the major conflict of two big powerful groups or families.
2. The tragic story of Antonio and Cleopatra. The story is famous as it show how love involves power, strength and sacrifice.
3. The love story of teenagers; Naruto and Hinata. I think every teenager knows Naruto
4. The story of Cinderella. It is very classical story of a girl who tries to find his way but faces the family’s blockade

5. The story how a princess handle her love matter, Princess Merida
6. The story how a princess from Arabian  selected her best loves to be married, story of Arabian princess with three sheiks
7. Besides the legendary myth about how a place happened, this can be a best classical story of love , legend of Toba lake
8. This classical folktale story shows how love should be found, Story of Snow White
9. Again love story included in the folk tale, Lutung Kasung as Fiance of Purbasari
10.  This is a powerful breaking love story, let’s me love you
That is why the love story of love can be labelled a narrative text since the story explore the conflict which the participants face.
Most of narrative texts are story. The story is plotted in generic structure such as orientation, complication and resolution. The way the structure organized surely determines the attractiveness of whole story and that we call it as narrative text. I find collection of love story and that really touches heart. See this link

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