Opportunity in the Global Financial Crisis – Example Of Analytical Exposition

One example of analytical exposition below is about how to see any difficulty. Optimist will see the difficulty as an opportunity to find the advantages. The text is an analytical exposition because its paragraph arrangement is based on the structure of:
1. Stating thesis
2. Presenting arguments
3. Giving reorientation
To make clearly seen how that generic structure is applied, let’s see the following sample

Example Of Analytical Exposition About Opportunity in the Global Financial Crisis

opportunity in global crisi for analytical exposition sample

Example of analytical exposition text about global crisis

US. financial crisis and its contagion to Europe and the rest of the world could also create new opportunity for Indonesia in term of foreign direct investment and the development of basic infrastructure.
As the US. financial crisis has now spread to Europe, the oil-rich countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Arab Emirate which have accumulated hundreds of billion of Dollars in their foreign reserve, are now reviewing their holding or investment vehicle. They are looking for more diversified investment outside the US and Europe.
Because of unfavorable political developments in Thailand and Malaysia over the past few months, Indonesia which has largely Muslim population could become one of these oil-rich countries’ favorite place for foreign direct investment. That will be true if the conditions, legal and market infrastructure are conducive for Islamic financial instruments.
The government had improved the legal framework with the recent enactment of laws on sharia banking and bonds. The long term nature of Islamic bonds could make them the most suitable investment instrument for Indonesia, as these bonds grant an investor a share in an asset along with the cash flows and risks commensurate with such ownership.
The financial crisis that has gripped the globe and weakening economic growth in the rest of the world will serve to the government to accelerate the investment reform measures in order to grab the hidden opportunity in the global crisis.

(simplified from the jakartapos.com on Oct 9)

Note on Generic Structure of the above Example of Analytical Exposition
Paragraph 1 is THESIS. It introduces the topic of the text which state the potential opportunity behind the global financial crisis.
Paragraph 2 and 3 are the ARGUMENTS which support to the opinion stated in the above thesis.
Paragraph 4 is REITERATION which restates the thesis in another phrases to point the writer’s opinion.

That’s all the example of analytical exposition about opportunity in global crisis. To see more on similar texts, see my collection on analytical exposition text samples. Let’s make any improvement so the crisis will not cause big bad influences

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