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audio transcript smk UN 2012

Trascript Listening Section Test SMK 2012 Part 1: Picture

Listening exerciseTranscript listening Ujian Nasional SMK 2012 ini adalah bagian 1 yaitu pictures. Untuk part 2 questions and responses, part 3 short conversation,...

Example of Dialog about Agreement and Disagreement

PercakapanThe previous post about the list in example of discussion texts is quite famous. The list of discussion text will be completely...

the advantages and disadvantages of Internet for example of discussion text

Example of Discussion Text – The Advantage and Disadvantage of the Internet


Discussion textThe Advantage and Disadvantage of the Internet As Example of Discussion Text Computer, tablet, mobile phone, and other devices connected to Internet...

After graduation from high school pros and cons for discussion text sampel

After High School – Example of Discussion Text


Discussion textWhat to Do After High School Graduation As Example of Discussion Text Going to college or getting a job right after graduating...

example of discusion text in pros and cons of school uniform

Example of Discussion Text “School Uniform”


Discussion textWhat is discussion text? Discussion genres is a text which presents a problematic discourse. How an example of discussion text conveys a...

Arguments dalam generic structure analytical exposition text

Kumpulan Lengkap Contoh Text Analytical Exposition Terbaik

Analytical exposition textMelanjutkan pembahasan what is analytical exposition sebelumnya, kali ini kita akan melihat kumpulan contoh text analytical exposition terbaik yang ada di blog...

example of analytical exposition text

The Importance of Exercise as Example of Analytical Exposition


Analytical exposition textBelow is an example analytical exposition text which shows how importance of doing exercise. This argumentative text is structured with presenting a...

example of discussion text about pros and cosn of facebook

Example of Discussion Text about Facebook


Discussion textBefore you read this example of discussion text about facebook with the advantages and disadvantages,, it is very recommended to read What...

the differences between explanation text and procedure text

Differences Between Explanation and Procedure Text

Explanation text, Procedure textFreeEnglishCourse. Info – From the samples for each text given, here is the post about the differences between explanation and procedure text...

example of analytical exposition about the unhealthy fast food

Fast Food in Example of Analytical Exposition


Analytical exposition textToday we have an example of analytical exposition text about the importance of less eating fast food. Why?  Continue reading the following...

Example of Report Text in Earthquake


Report textKinds of EarthquakeEarthquake often happens around us. It brings great damages. Earthquake is hard to be predicted and that makes lot victims....

Tornadoes as Example of Report Text


Report textWhat is a tornado?Tornadoes are known as one of the most damaging disasters. What is the description of tornadoes? A tornado is...

Example of Report Text about Volcano


Report textTypes of Volcanic EruptionsVolcanic eruptions have caused some of the worst disasters in the world. They can wipe out entire cities and...

Contontoh narrative text legenda beserta generic structurenya -cerita danau toba

Contoh Narrative Text Legenda – Toba Lake

Narrative textContoh Narrative text legenda. Legend dalam teks narrative sering dikaitkan dengan asal muasal terbentuknya suatu benda atau tempat. Contohnya adalah asal usul...

analytical exposition about obesity

Example of Analytical Exposition about Being Fat


Analytical exposition textLearning English texts should cover argumentative writing. It is an analytical exposition text. To get better understanding on such convincing text, students...

Procedure / Instruction Text – How To Tie a Neck Tie


Procedure textThe example of procedure text bellow is the instruction on how to tie a neck tie. Remember that a procedure or instruction...

7 contoh analytical exposition no 5

7 Contoh Analytical Exposition Pendek Bahasa Inggris


Analytical exposition textContoh analytical exposition text bisa dibaca dalam blog ini karena telah dikumpulkan 7 contoh teks pendek berjenis argumentative ini. Sebagai teks yang...

How to Cook with Microwave Oven – Example of a Procedure Text


Procedure textInstruction is the best example of procedure text. Remember that procedure text is mostly organized in GOAL, MATERIAL, and STEPS. To write...

Learning Direction in English

PercakapanDirection in English means how you ask direction or how you give direction in English.  Learning English direction will make you see,...

How to Write Papers – a Procedure Text


Procedure textAn instruction on how to write a paper can be an example of a procedure text.  Mostly instructions are written in imperative...