Practice Listening Section for TOEFL Exam

Free English Course – TOEFL certificate is rising and becoming the standard of English fluency skill. There are many tips to get high score in TOEFL exam which you can find over the Internet. Most examinees consider that the listening section test is the most difficult one. Listening skill is one of the four major skill knows to master English. In TOEFL exam, listening section test seems has the greater portion. So preparing by exercise as much as possible is the best tips to get high score in TOEFL exam.
Best preparation for TOEFL exam

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Typically the questions of listening section test in TOEFL test vary but we can generally categorize them into 6 topics:
1. Understanding the detail information from what we hear from the audio question
2. Understanding the gist from what we has hear
3 Organization of the spoken material
4. Making connection
5. Understanding the function of the spoken material
6.Understanding the attitude in the spoken material

By practicing listening more and more, surely we will improve our listening skill and will get high score in TOEFL test. I find useful source to practice your listening skill, take a look at TOEFL practice Listening