Procedure Text Example – How to make Meatball

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Procedure Text Example – How to make Meatball: Procedure text  is also known as instruction text. It is instructing how to completely make something. Since it is designed for instruction, a procedure text is dominantly composed in imperative text.
Why do we call a text as a procedure text? Mostly the differentiating of the English text types is determined how the generic structure build the text. A procedure text is structured in GOAL, MATERIAL, an followed by STEPS. The “material” in certain topic of a procedure text is omitted. Let’s see the following example of a procedure text!

Procedure Text Example – How to make Meatball

contoh procedure text tentang resp masakan bahasa Inggris

Contoh procedure text how to cook

What you need for the ingredients
1 kilo of very fine minced meat (preferably beef)
2 eggs
300 grams of tapioca-flour
4-8 cloves of garlic
1 red onion
1 teaspoon of white pepper
2 teaspoons of salt
The steps to make meatballs
These steps are instruction on how to make meatballs, just meatball, the soup is made separately.
First of all,mix garlic, red onion, salt, and white pepper in a mortar or mixer.
Second step, mix the spice-mixture with the eggs, the tapioca-flour and the minced meat.
After that, use your fingers, add a cup of water, and keep on working until the mixture feels soft and smooth.
Then, boil some water in a rather large pot, at least about 2 liters.
Next step, start rolling the mixture into small meatballs.
Finally, lower the meatballs into the boiling water. When they float up to the surface the meatball are ready to serve

Generic Structure of Procedure Text Example – How to make Meatball

The goal: Of course it is clearly seen, making meatball is the goal to reach of the text
Materials: We can see the material listed before we are instructed to make the meatball
Steps: It is absolutely important to explain the process or steps of making meatball. From the text we know the procedure to make meatball is started with mixing garlic and ended by lowering the meatball.

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