Recount Text = Biographical Recount & Personal Narrative

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FreeEnglishCourse.Info – When we are learning English text type, especially recount, we are often confusing about terms relating to each others. The are recount text, biography, and personal narrative. Do they are different to each other?
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Recount text is one kind of English text which should be studied by the tenth grade students of high school. This kind of text focuses to explore the events that have happened in other person’s life or the own writer’s experience.
Biograpical recount is a text which has a purpose to retell the event of famous person’s life. Meanwhile personal narrative tells the true story that happened to the writer him self. Let’s take a look at the samples below. The example of biographical recount is taken from and the personal narrative sample is taken from time for kids
This post about recount text, biographical recount, and personal narrative hopefully helps us to get better understanding on what a recount text is. After reading this post, we should not be confused any more with each term related to recount text, biographical recount, and personal narrative .

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