Script Listening UN SMK 2011 Part 1 Picture

I have planed to post the scripts of listening section of previous national examination tests both for SMA-MA or SMK. The script below for previous listening section is for UN SMK 2011 Part 1, Picture. This post will be followed by next parts and other previous years of listening section. Well, below is the script of listening section for the the SMK UN 2011
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Listening Section
In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts to this section, with special directions for each part.
Part I. Pictures
Question 1 to 4
Directions: For each question, there is a picture in your test book and four short statements about it on the tape. They are spoken twice, and are not written out in your test book, so you must listen carefully. You must choose one statement- A, B, C, or D that best describes the picture. Then, on your answer sheet, mark your choice.
Look at the picture and listen to the four sentences.
A. The woman is touching the screen
B. The doctor is sitting behind the patient
C. The patient is being examined
D. The visitors are leaving the hospital
Choice (C) – “The patient is being examined” – best describes what is seen in the picture. Therefore, you should mark (C) on your answer sheet.Now let’s begin with picture number one
Number 1. Look at picture number 1
A. The athlets are running along the track
B. They are working on the computer
C. People are jogging on the tread mil
D. The are having a rice competitionNumber 2. Look at picture number 2
A. They are having fun bike
B. They are preparing for a racing competition
C. The people want to ride the bikes
D. The bike are part on the side of the road

Number 3. Look at picture number 3
A. All the ladies are wearing glasses
B. The woman in the middle is crying
C. They are sitting in front of a picture
D. One of the woman is wearing a necklace

Number 4. Look at picture number 4
A. The train is crossing over the bridge
B. The passengers are boarding on the train
C. The train runs through the tunnel
D. The man is getting off the train

Will be continued to next post Script Listening UN SMK 2011 Part 2 Questions and Responses