Sentence Patterns (Pola Kalimat) Bahasa Inggris

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Learning English in Sentence Patterns. What is patterns for sentences (Pola Kalimat)? In writing, it is actually the way we construct sentences. If we have a good ability to construct sentence, we will be easy to write anything. Commonly, we tend to make very long and complex sentences but they are not as clear as the length of the form. The worst, the sentences can not be pointed the meaning. Bellow is the common pattern to construct sentences. If we follow these pasterns, then it will be clearly seen that making sentence is simple.

basic English sentence patterns

Basic sentence patterns for writing English sentence correctly

Sentence is a combination of constructed parts of speech into meaningful point. The part of speech which is commonly applied to make a very simple sentence are: noun, verb, linking verb, adjective and adverb. These six parts of speech are the main element of simple sentence.
It is important to remember that English sentence always have a “Predicate”. It can be verb or linking verb. English sentences, at least, must consist of Subject and Predicate otherwise it is only a phrase. The following pattern is simple guide to construct sentences correctly.

1. Noun + Verb
• Wind blows
• The birds fly
• The dog barks
• A lamp burns

2. Noun + Verb + Noun
• A cat catches a bird
• This text confuses me
• The library supplies many books
• The beggar begs some money

3. Noun + Linking Verb + Adjective
• The baby looks healthy
• The food tastes nice
• The book seems interesting
• The music sounds loud
• His ambition becomes true
• I do not feel good
• The house gets haunting
• The girls are beautiful

4. Noun + Linking Verb + Noun
• My father is a farmer
• We are a student
• The room is empty

5. Noun + Verb + Noun + Noun
• He finds me a student
• Everyone considers him an engineer
• People believe the news a truth
• Police thinks the man a thief
• The fact proves the assumption a reality
• English calls it a dictionary
• My parents name me John
• People elect him a president
• The boss nominates him a manager

6. Noun + Verb + Noun + Adjective
• The student finds his class empty
• Police supposes the man guilty
• The data prove the accused innocent
• Her behavior makes me confusing
• She keeps me bored

The six patterns of sentence are a useful guide to make correct simple sentence. It will be short but meaningful. If we do not like short sentence, we can combine that each pattern into one long complex sentence, see simple, compound and complex sentence in English.

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