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Invitation is one of functional texts which should be understood by students of high school. Functional text is one of three areas of learning English in high school curriculum. We often see or read invitation for birthday party, farewell party, engagement party, wedding party, anniversary, promotion, etc. What is actually an invitation?

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The Definition of Invitation
If we consult to a comprehensive dictionary, Invitation has several meaning: Invitation can be an act of inviting, a solicitation, requesting of a person’s company, an invitation to a party, to a dinner, or to visit a friend.
Functionally Invitation is a document written or printed, spoken words, leaved message by which one is invited. So what is actually the definition of Invitation? Many people define an invitation as a request whether spoken or written to participate or be present or take part in something or event.

The Social Function of Invitation
Practically, the main function of invitation is asking or requesting some one to go to a place, do something, or participate in certain event.
Commonly many people use Invitation in several occasion, such a birthday party invitation, wedding party invitation, engagement party invitation, and other occasions and we want some of our friends to come to the party . People also use the invitation when they have something and need to help.They will invite some one to come and ask them to help. That what we do with invitation in our daily life. Because invitation card is sent for public purpose, the invitation design is very carefully thought. By giving good design, the invitation will make good impression.

The Types of Invitation
When we take a look on several invitation which are close to our life, we will find 2 types of Invitation. As many typical printed or spoken documents, invitation can be:
1. Formal Invitation : This type of invitation has a meaning official senses. It is written by institution or company. Due to its formality, such typical invitation seems to tie the people whom are invited
2. Informal Invitation: this kind of invitation is found a lot in social interaction. The informal invitation can be written or spoken and commonly given or addressed to family member, friend, mate etc

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