Differences Between Spoof and Recount Text

Do you know what is differences between spoof and recount text? Learning English through text types base approach need to know the generic structure of each text types. There are 13 kinds of text in learning English for high school students. All of them has different structure.

the differences between spoof and recount text

Differences Spoof and Recount Text

Reading spoof and recount text will arouse the convenience. Both spoof and recount genre explore the informative fact for the past experience. In literary term, experience can be factual or imaginative, objective or subjective. Both spoof and recount focus on series of event which happened.
generic structure pada teks spoof bahasa Inggris

Generic Structure Spoof Text Bahasa Inggris

However there are some differences between spoof and recount text. For functional view, recount text emphasizes in detailed information of the events. It reveals the series of events in chronological order based on time or place. On the other hand, spoof text tends to project the amusement of reading. Spoof text uses tricky plot to drive readers to certain view and sooner brings the reader to the opposite point. This trick will result amusement of reading.

pengertian dan penjelasan generic stucture recount text

Pengertian dan generic structure recount text

Clearly the differences between spoof and recount text are seen at the applied generic structure. For the first stages, both spoof and recount have similarity. Both introduce the participants of the story and, orientate the main event and set the time and place. After that both spoof and recount text expose the following events in detail. The last phase is what makes them different. Recount text will summarize the introduction and closed with the writer’s subjective feeling concerning the events. Meanwhile spoof text will end the story with what we call TWIST. It is the unpredictable thing. Reader has expected certain point in the ending on the contrary hand the story itself moves to another unexpected ending.

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