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Example of spoof text can be very tricky as well as interesting. it consists of twisting plot which makes reader feel unpredictable in the end of the story. This make the story funny. A spoof text has a lot of samples in this blog, however this is another one

Dave and His New Office
Soon after he left college, Dave found one of his uncles who was very rich and had no children of his own died and left him a lot of money, so he decided to set up his own real estate agency.
Dave found a nice office. He bought some new furniture and moved in. he had only been there for e few hours when he heard someone coming toward the door of his office.
“It must be my first customer” Dave thought. He quickly picked up the telephone and pretended to be very busy answering an important call from someone in New York who wanted to buy a big and expensive house in the country.
The man knocked at the door while this was going on. He came in and waited politely for Dave to finish his conversation on the phone. Then the man said to Dave; “I am from the telephone company and I was sent here to connect your telephone”

example of spoof text

spoof text phone off

Notes on the Spoof’s Generic Structure
Orientation: Dave was a lucky man. He suddenly became a very rich man because of the death of his rich uncle who had no children. He inherited his uncle’s money.
Event 1: Being rich, he wanted to set up his estate company
Event 2: He had his new office. In his office, he pretended to be a very successful businessman. He acted as had an important client. He showed by making conversation on the phone.
Twist: The man whom he showed is a telephone technician. He came to Dave’s office to connect that phone.

The following is another version of the above story, The way it make the story ending is similar. Take a look the following version of spoof text sample

General and New Soldier
A man recently appointed general in the army was sitting in his new office when a new soldier walked in. Wishing to impress the new soldier, the general picked up the telephone and said, “Yes, Mr. President. I’m glad you like my suggestions. I’ll come by and give you a more detailed report at the White House a little later this week.” After hanging up the telephone the general asked, “Now, soldier, what can I do for you?”
“Nothing much, sir,” said the soldier. I just came in to connect your telephone.”
This another version of example in spoof text is taken from http://hikaridesu.multiply.com/journal/item/25/Spoof_Text_XD

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