Time to Review 5 English Text Types

Most of high school students in Indonesia hold final semester test in this weeks. It time to review what English texts we have been learning for this six months in this semester, especially narrative, descriptive, news item, spoof, and hortatory exposition.
English test commonly covers three basic area; function or purpose of each text types, generic structure of each text types, and the language feature of each English text types. If you have dealt with all topic areas, it will not a big deal to face the exam. However if you had forgotten what the function of each text types, what generic structure is used to arrange each the text, and what language feature commonly found in each text types, it is time to re-read the summary of English text.
Kinds of text in EnglishFurther, typical questions following each the 5 English text types are finding general idea, deciding detail information, implied information, meaning of certain word, synonym, antonym, and word or phrase reference. So to make sure that everything is going alright, let’s add some examples of each 5 kind of text, and below is the list:
1. Collection of narrative text in fable, legend, myth, folk tale, and also love story
2. Collection of descriptive text about place, thing, and person
3. Collection of news item text about event happened nationally and internationally
4. Collection of spoof text which makes everybody laugh
5. Collection of hortatory text in various topics which support you to understand better about argumentative essay.
Ehmm that is what we have done for this six months in learning English. For other kinds of text, please find by your self. We have provided all. Happy learning.