Tips and Strategies for "Listening Test"

Listening test can be very hard as it last in very short time. However Getting success in listening test can be reached by certain strategies when doing English listening test. The following are some useful tips for succeeding in listening test
Concentrate – it’s really easy to miss the answers if you lose concentration, even for a moment.
Read ahead – it’s more important to be ready for the next section than to check the questions you have already done (check them at the end when you have 10 minutes to transfer your answers).
Predict – when reading ahead, try to predict what type of word you need (is it going to be a noun, verb etc?). It might help to write notes on the question paper (in your language).
Have the next question in mind – when you’re listening for the answer to a question, be ready for the next question as well. It’s easy to miss several answers if all of your focus is on one question.
Expect ‘tricks’ – the speaker may confuse you (see my recent ‘listening’ lessons for examples).
Know the exam – do you know what kind of topics/questions to expect in each section?
Spelling – as well as testing your understanding and vocabulary, Listening test is also a spelling test!
Difficult questions – don’t worry if some questions seem really difficult. The exam needs to have questions that separate band 8 from band 9. If you are worrying too much, you might miss the easier questions that could get you a band 7.