News Item Text – Tornado Striking South Bandung

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This is another example of news item text. For more news item samples, read news item category. The news item text below is about natural disaster, tornado. If you want to know the post about tornado which is categorized as a report text, read Tornadoes as Example of Report Text.

Before seeing the sample, it had better to recognize the generic structure of news item. As it is said previously that a news text should contain:
1. Newsworthy event. The summary of the news
2. Background event. The elaboration of the news, answering “how” and “why”
3. Source. It can be from the participants, witness, and the authority
Well, now we see the following example of news item text.

Mini-tornado, hail strikes South Bandung

A “mini-tornado” coupled with a hail storm hit some areas in South Bandung on Wednesday afternoon for approximately 30 minutes.

The weather panicked residents as hail stones penetrated corrugated iron rooftops. The wind swirled things around while hail stones made thudding sounds on our roof. Residents reported that the authorities had shut down the electricity in the area to prevent short circuits

“There was no sign of rain. All of a sudden, we saw dark clouds above followed by strong winds. Afterwards, it rained hard with hail stones,” said a resident.

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