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Transcript Listening UN SMA 2009 – If you want to know the transcript of audio listening in National Exam for SMA 2009, you come to the right place. How important is to have the audio test transcript? Well, if you are very familiar with listening test, you need not to know the transcript. But if you have listened the audio test and still there some words or phrases, which you do not understand, then it seems that you need to see the transcript.

Getting exercise in any English listening tests, you must have three important materials.
1. Audio (MP3) test to listen
2. Question book (soal) to read
3. Transcript of the audio. It is useful when you get some difficult words or phrases while listening.
So if you have not had the audio MP3 file for this UN SMA-MA 2009, you can download here. Additionally, when you need to know the question book (soal) for listening SMA 2009, you can refer to my previous posts. And below is the transcript of listening test 2009. Here we go!

script/Transcript Listening UN SMA 2009

Transcript Listening UN SMA 2009

Listening Section
Part 1: Question: 1 to 5

Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear some dialogues or questions spoken in English. The questions and the dialogues will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say.
After you listen to a dialogue and the question about it, read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Now listen to a sample question.

You will hear:
Man: Sally, I lost my wallet. May I borrow fifty thousand rupiahs?
Woman: Sure. Here you are.
Narrator : You will also hear : What will the woman do?

You will read in your test book:
A. Leave the man alone.
B. Drive the man home.
C. Find the lost wallet.
D. Lend the man money.
E. Borrow the man’s wallet.
The best answer to the question is “Lend the man money.”
Therefore, you should choose answer (D)

Number 1
Man : Nina, you look so pale. What’s wrong with you?
Woman : My asthma flared up again.
Man : Poor you. Was it troublesome for you?
Woman : It was. Last night I could hardly sleep.
Narrator : What are the speakers talking about?

Number 2
Woman : Steve, what seems to be the problem?
Man : Well. I had a bad cold, and the doctor gave me some medicine.
Woman : Listen! Forget about that medicines, try this herbal one.
Man : Oh, no thanks.
Narrator : What does the woman offer?

Number 3
Man : I’m going to do my office assignment.
Woman : But, it’s a lovely day, dear! Why don’t we go for a walk?
Man : Can you wait for a few minutes? I have to finish this letter.
Woman : Don’t take too long!
Narrator : What is the woman suggesting?

Number 4
Man : Whose book is this?
Woman : It is mine.
Man : May I borrow it? I do really want to read it.
Narrator : What is the man interested in?

Number 5
Man : What can I do for you, Mom?
Woman : I am looking for a science book. Do you have one about chemistry?
Man : Well, you’d better check it in this catalogue.
Woman : Thanks.
Narrator : Which picture goes with the conversations?

Part II: Questions: 6 – 10
Directions: In this part of the test you will hear some dialogues and a question spoken in English, followed by
four responses, also spoken in English. The dialogues and question and the responses will be spoken two times.   They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. You have to choose the best response to each question.

Now listen to a sample question:
Man: I got a bad result in my test.
Woman: What! You failed again?
A. Let me try again.
B. I am fine, thank you.
C. Don’t worry, I’ll move.
D. Sorry, I’ve disappointed you.
Narrator : The best answer to the question “You failed again?” is choice (D), “Sorry, I’ve
disappointed you.” Therefore you should choose answer (D).

Number 6
Woman : Why do you look so upset?
Man : It has been a hard day today. It was raining when I went to school. It was difficult to get a school bus. I had to wait for twenty minutes before the bus came.
Woman : A. It must be fun.
B. That’s good for you.
C. That’s really nice.
D. I’m terribly sorry to hear that.

Number 7
Man : We went to Bandung yesterday. We spent our time shopping.
Woman : So, what do you think about Bandung?
Man : A. As long as you like it.
B. Bandung is the capital of West Java.
C. It’s a good place for shopping.
D. Bandung is not far from here.

Number 8
Man : It seems that you need something.
Woman : My computer doesn’t work well. May I use this computer?
Man : A. My computer is at home.
B. I don’t have a computer.
C. My computer is Sony Vio.
D. Sorry, I haven’t finished typing my documents.

Number 9
Man : Maria, did you type this letter?
Woman : Yes, Sir. Anything wrong with it, Sir?
Man : Yes, you did it very carelessly this time.
Woman : I really apologize, Sir. Let me retype the letter.
Man : A. I am not happy with your work.
B. Your work is better than ever.
C. I think this is great.
D. Give me the second chance.

Number 10
Woman : Hello, John. What’s news with you?
Man : Brenda, my friend and I are going skiing this weekend. Would you care to join us?
Woman : A. I am just fine, thanks.
B. No, it’s too expensive to buy the book.
C. Yes, we went there together.
D. I’m so sorry I can’t. Maybe next week.

Part III:  Questions: 11 – 15
Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several monologues. Each monologue will be spoken two
times. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. After you hear a monologue and the question about it, read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.

Number 11
Woman : One of my favourite actors is in this picture. He is in his twenties. He is white, he’s medium height, and quite well-built. He’s got quite dark eyebrows and short brown hair. In this photo, he has got a beard and moustache.
Narrator : Which picture goes with the description you’ve just heard?

This text is for question 12 to 13
Man : There was once a poor woman who wished very much to have a little child. She went to a fairy god mother who lived near the green meadow in a valley. The woman received a barleycorn seed from the fairy. She went home and planted it in flower pot. Several days later, the seed grew up into a large beautiful flower. Surprisingly, the woman saw a little girl inside the flower. The sweet little girl was as long as a thumb. The woman gave her the name of the Thumbelina because she was so small.
Number  12
Narrator : What is the story about?
Number  13
Narrator : Where was the barleycorn seed planted?

This text is for question 14 to 15
Man : The polar bear is a bear native to the Arctic Ocean and its surrounding seas. An adult male weighs about four hundred to six hundred and eighty kilograms, while an adult female is about half that size. Although it is closely related to the brown bear, it has paws to occupy a narrow ecological niche with many bony characteristics adapted to for cold temperatures, for moving across the snow, ice, open water, and for hunting seals which make up most of its diets. Although most of polar bears are born on land, it spends most of its time at sea, hence its name meaning maritime bear and can hunt consistently only from sea ice. It spends much of the year on frozen sea.
Number  14
Narrator : What does the adult male bear weigh?
Number  15
Narrator : Where did the animal live?

This is the end of the listening section

That’s all the transcript Listening UN SMA 2009 completing the audio MP3 file test. If you have not one, you can download all audio MP3 files listening section UN SMA, MA, and SMK. Listening test is not easy. It needs a lot of preparations and hard effort. However it is not impossible to achieve the best score in listening English test by practicing more and more. So happy learning English and enjoy listening.

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