Two Things for Excellent Result in Listening Test

Listening section test is which most students consider as hardest test in English competences. Many student get poor mark even fail when attending the listening test. It is reasonable because succeeding in listening test is much determined by how they are familiar with the pronunciation, accent, and also some dialect sound.
To gain the best result in listening section test, there are 2 things must be much taken attention. Knowing how to read, write and speak English well doesn’t determine to lead to excellent results. Here are two things which students to have to gain the excellent result in listening testBeing familiar with the English accents
Being familiar with English accent means student must hear the English accent a lot. English is known as British, America, and Australian, so is with the accent. We have to make sure what accent student need to master in taking a listening test. For example a student want to attend TOEFL test, he should be very familiar with American accent to gain good marks. When the student take IELTS test, he must prepared by listening much in British accent. In certain words, there are far differences between American and British accent. For student of Indonesian high school, when they prepare their national exam for English subject, especially listening section, they seem to prepare their selves in British accents.

Following listening instructions very closely
While attending listening test, student will receive the printed question paper. Students need to take very closely to understand how they should do with the test. Every test, part and chapter of listening section is likely different in instruction. Make sure to understand completely the instruction before mark any thing in the answer sheet