Use English! Example of Hortatory Text

By Categories : Hortatory text again gives you an example of hortatory text. Do you still remember what is hortatory exposition? Can you define the differences between each example of hortatory text and analytical exposition text? Well, both expositions are similar in the first structure but they have different way in the end.
Hortatory exposition  tries to achieve a goal of persuasion. That is why it is completed with a recommended action should take from the writer. On the other hand, an analytical exposition jut restate what is important of the issue. No more talk, let’s see the following sample!

Use English! Example of Hortatory Text in English

Example of hortatory exposition about using English

No matter how many your books, it is not much help, unless you use it

Many of us are dismayed about the quality of our education, which is not commensurate with the high cost spent on school fees. It is way below our expectations if we compare our graduates with those who studied overseas, especially concerning the mastery of English.
It is important to know that most of employments require competence in English, for office work and correspondence. Government officials, speakers, writers and observers use a lot of English.
Then the important thing is to use English as a medium in schools so that we can compete with graduates from abroad. All students have studied English since they are in junior high school. Even some of them had been introduced with English when they were in elementary school. However, lots of graduates have less English skills. Learning English is difficult but it is more difficult to customize us with it
Then it will be beneficial to have TV films in English like in Singapore. It will help to increase our graduates’ competence in English.

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