What do You Emphasize in Listening Test?

Listening test for many students or people who take English test such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC is the most frustrating. Many of them even say that they don’t understand before they really listen to the the test materials. The difficulty in listening test is more about mental block.

So how to get success in listening test? What ever we do, please emphasize the following items while you are getting listening test.
1. Speech perception (e.g., sound discrimination, recognize stress patterns, intonation, pauses, etc.)
2. Word recognition (e.g., recognize the sound pattern as a word, locate the word in the lexicon, retrieve lexical, grammatical and semantic information about the word, etc.)
3. Sentence processing (parsing; e.g., detect sentence constituents, building a structure frame, etc.)
4. Constructing the literal meaning of the sentence (select the relevant meaning in case of ambiguous word)
5. Holding the information in short-term memory
6. Recognizing cohesive devices in discourse
7. Inferring the implied meaning and intention (speech act)
8. Predicting what is to be said
9. Deciding how to respond

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