What is Anecdote Text?

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Have you ever come through an unusual incident? Then, you tell the unusual story to others, if you have ever come through something like that, it will be easier for you to understand what anecdote is. Do you know what is anecdote text? have you ever read one of the anecdote stories or maybe make it? If you are still not understand what is anecdote, this is the definition.

Many people ask, ‘what is anecdote text?’ is that one of the text that students should learn at school? Anecdote is one of the texts which retells an unusual incident. Communicative purpose of this text is to retell an unusual and funny incident to entertain the readers. Like other texts, anecdote also has the generic structure. Abstract, orientation, crisis, reaction and coda. The first is abstract, here the writer starts to introduce an unusual incident that will be told briefly. Then, in orientation part, the writer will tell who, when and where that incident was happened. Next, in crisis part, the writer tells the incidents more detail. The part of reaction is where the writer will tell how the characters solve the problem and usually the readers or listeners get the funny way to solve the problem. The last part is, coda. This is an optional part. Sometimes it appears, sometimes not. In this part, the readers usually laugh louder. This text below is an example of anecdote:

‘There was a young teenage girl who couldn’t live without social media like facebook, path, instagram, and snap chat. Anything happens in her life, she always posts in her social media accounts. When she wants to across the road, suddenly she was almost hit by a motorcycle. She fell and shouted, “Help,help, where is my gadget?” an old man pick it up and give it to her, but, instead she got up from the road, she sits there relax. The old man asked, “What are you doing here? Your leg is bleeding, why do you take a selfie?” The young teenage girl answered, “oh my god? My leg is bleeding? Please take picture of me, I want to share it in instagram so that my friends come to see me..” that man just confused’.

After read the example above, students will stay ask, what is anecdote text? What is the different with spoof? Anecdote and spoof tell us a funny incident, but they still different. In anecdote text, an unusual incident contains of funny elements, while, in spoof text, a normal incident changes into funny when in the twist part.

Anecdote Text

Definition and Social Function of Anecdote
Anecdote is a text which retells funny and unusual incidents in fact or imagination. Its purpose is to entertain the readers.

Generic Structure of Anecdote

1. Abstract
2. Orientation
3. Crisis
4. Incident.

Language Feature of Anecdote
1. Using exclamation words; it’s awful!, it’s wonderful!, etc
2. Using imperative; listen to this
3. Using rhetoric question; do you know what?
4. Using action verb; go, write, etc
5. Using conjunction of time; then, afterward
6. Using simple past tense

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