What is Narrative Text?

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What is Narrative Text? When we talk about a narrative text, it can not be separated from a story and a past experience. Most texts dealing to those object, people will call it narrative. When learning any kind of English text, the study will cover 3 important things. they are definition, structure and language characteristics.

Definition of Narrative
Narrative is a text focusing on specific participants. Its social function is to tell stories or past events and entertain the readers.

Generic Structure of Narrative
A narrative text will consists of the following structure:
1.Orientation: Introducing the participants and informing the time and the place
2.Complication: Describing the rising crises which the participants have to do with
3.Resolution: Showing the way of participant to solve the crises, better or worse

Pengertian dan generic structure teks narrative

Pengertian dan Generic Structure Narrative

Language Features of Narrative
·Using processes verb
·Using temporal conjunction
·Using Simple Past Tense

A text of narrative has the biggest portion to study when you are in high schools. Every semester, in all academic years, students and teachers will give much attention on this kind of text.

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