What is News Item Text?

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Do you like watching news in television? Do you like reading newspaper? If you like doing all those things, it means that you are familiar with news item, but what is news item text? Many students do not know what exactly it is. Although, this text is learned in senior high school, most of them still get difficulties if they are asked to write news item text.

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Before you try to make a news item text, it is better if you know first ‘what is news item text?’. News item text is a text that relates to the news. There are two kinds of news item text, written and spoken. News that we read in newspaper is written text form. News that we hear in radio or television is spoken text form. This text also has the generic structure. Those are newsworthy event, sources and background events. In newsworthy event, it consists of something that wants to be reported. In part of background events, is usually used to tell us who, why, where and how. In the part of sources, it consists of comments by the experts or witnesses.

Every text has a communicative purpose. Communicative purpose of news item text is to inform about something or events of the day that is important to be known by other people. We have already discussed about ‘what is news item text?’ clearly, then now, here below is the example of the news item text in title ‘a beautiful young lady killed by her step mother’.

Sandra (9) years old, was found dead in an old empty factory not so far from her home. This girl has not been back home since two days ago. Sandra’s father, Didi (48) years old, who feels worried, does not know anything where is his little girl. His neighbour said that she saw Sandra for the last time was two days ago, Sandra wore a jeans and white t-shirt, she went with her stepmother, Ana (47) years old. When Didi asked her where is Sandra, Ana did not say anything. Didi threatened her to go to the police. Because she afraid of her husband finally, Ana admitted that she killed Sandra and let her body left in old factory. She did it because she felt angry that Sandra did not want to follow her commands. Now, Sandra has been arrested in Polres Cipinang and this case has been handled by the police.

Definition of News Item
News item is a text which informs readers about events of the day. The events are considered newsworthy or important.

Generic Structure of News Item
1. Main event
2. Elaboration (background, participant, time, place)
3. Resource of information

Language Feature of News Item
1. Focusing on circumstances
2. Using material process

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