What is Spoof Text?

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You must be happy if you read a funny story. Because a funny story can make us laugh and forget about our sadness. Everyone likes funny story. Have you heard about spoof text? What is spoof text? Why everyone really likes it?

We will discuss about the definition of ‘what is spoof text?’. To answer this question correctly, you must know and understand the meaning. Spoof text is one of the narrations that tells us something that really happened in the past time with purpose for entertain the readers or the listeners. Spoof text is lighter and more entertaining than the narrative text. Spoof text is one of the stories that have a twist. This twist usually appears in the ending of the story, that is why spoof text is unpredictable and has funny effects.

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Spoof Text

Definition and Social Function of Spoof
Spoof is a text which tells factual story, happened in the past time with unpredictable and funny ending. Its social function is to entertain and share the story.

Generic Structure of Spoof
1. Orientation
2. Events
3. Twist

Language Feature of Spoof
1. Focusing on people, animals or certain things
2. Using action verb; ate, ran, etc
3. Using adverb of time and place
4. Told in chronological order

Many Indonesian students ask, “what is funny?” or they say “I don’t think the story is funny”. Yes, most of Indonesian students do not like spoof text and most of them cannot answer if there is a teacher asks them ‘what is spoof text?’ This thing happens because there are some differences between our culture and English culture. What English people think funny is not funny for us. That is why sometimes students do not laugh when they read spoof texts, actually, it will be better if we learn about western cultures, so we can understand each other and avoid misunderstandings. Like or not, they should stay learn about what is spoof text because this text is one of the text that has to be learnt in senior high school.

Spoof text has generic structure as any other text, there are three parts in this text. Those are orientation, events and twist. In the part of the orientation which usually in the first paragraph, the readers will be introduced to the characters who were involved and setting when time and where place was happened. In the second part, the events, the writer tells what happened in the chronological order. The last part is twist, this is the most important part of the story, because this part which will make us laugh, this part is unpredictable and the funniest part. We have already answered ‘what is spoof text?’ but to understand or to make spoof text, it is not easy. We must have a sense of humor so that we are able to absorb what is funny thing inside the twist.

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