Writing For Business – Example of Procedure Text

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How to write about your business is our topic as an example of procedure text. This instruction text consists some important steps to do completely to have the desired result. How to organize the process of writing is summarized in generic structure of procedure text. Writing something for your business can be pretty intimidating. Well, you don’t have to because this post will show you the steps to do.

Example of Procedure Text – Writing For Business

example of proedure text with generic structure

Writing process – example of procedure text

Here’s a simple checklist to follow. I’m not saying that following these rules will make your company the next Google, but it will help.
Firstly, take the topic of benefits, not features. Your customers don’t care about you. They want to know “What’s in it for me?”
Secondly, write your benefit like you talk it. Use regular words. Read aloud what you’ve written. How does it sound?
Thirdly, lose the weak words. Don’t describe how your company may, might or should help customers but talk about how your company will.
Fourthly, Use a nice rhythm. Some sentences are long and some are short. Mix them up and keep things interesting.
Fifthly,re-read what you’ve done before publishing. Edit it necessarily. It’s so easy to make mistakes which you don’t notice the first time through.
Simplified from: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_F_O’connor

Generic Structure Analysis – Example of Procedure Text

* Goal; informing on how to write for business
* Material; in this sample, the materials or equipments are excluded
* Steps/ method; showing the method in writing for business; choosing the advantageous topic, writing the topic like the way it is talked, re-reading what have been written .

Language Feature Analysis Example of Procedure Text

* Imperative sentences; write like you talked, re-read what you have done, etc
* Action verb; write, read, etc
* Temporal conjunction, firstly, secondly, etc

Well, learning this example of procedure text can make 2 advantages. First is we know how to write for business effectively and the second is of course we can increase our knowledge about English. So keep learning English text!